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When should my child start learning a music instrument?

Creative-Kid-Music-Kids-GuitarsMany parents ask us “When should I start my child on a musical instrument.” The answer is, “as soon as they are ready”. Children grow and develop at different rates. I would suggest having musical instruments like the piano guitar and drums around the house and to just let the kids have fun and experiment with the instruments. Over time they will start to gravitate toward one instrument that they play more then the other instruments.

When a child shows interest may be a good time to get them started on lessons. If they are learning the piano or the violin they could start around 4 or older. If they want to play guitar, I would suggest waiting until they are 8 are older . Guitar requires strength and dexterity in their fingers and a lot of kids do not have the necessary strength to push down the frets. In regards to some of the other band instruments like trumpet, clarinet ect. I would suggest they wait until their embouchure is fully developed and they are able to use the appropriate mouth muscles to play these type of instruments. Typically the best age for students to start to learn a band instrument is around 10 to 12 years old.

At Creative Kid Music we have the instruments your child needs to begin their music journey. Whether it is the violin, piano, guitar or band instrument, we have the quality instruments that will help them succeed. Be sure and find an instructor that is a good fit for your child. One suggestion is to try a introductory lesson to see if the instructor and your child are good fit for each other .

I hope this helps answer some of your questions about music lessons for children. Most importantly, make sure the learning is fun and enjoyable for the kids!

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