About Us

Dan Thompson is the owner of Creative kid music.com. Creative Kid Music is dedicated to providing the best “kid tested” products at a great price.

Dan has been a general and instrumental music teacher for 35 years and has a B.A in Music Education and a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Technology. Creative kid music was created to provide support and quality musical instruments for children at very low and affordable prices. Our primary goal is to encourage and promote music in the lives of children. Let’s work together to help parents and music educators help children get the most out of their music experience.


At Creative Kid Music we appreciate the true value that music can bring to a childs life. A love of music that is fostered at a young age can represent a lifetime of appreciation; and we supply the instruments that allow you to make that first wonderful introduction. We offer the tools of the trade, so to speak the many pieces that represent a solid foundation in the musical world. And we stand by the principle that quality products need not be expensive. From cheap guitars to affordable percussion instruments, our product line represents both high quality and affordability.

Creative Kids Music offers an extensive line of kids music products and discount music supply. If you have been looking for children’s musical instruments from kids guitars to that perfect percussion instrument as well as music products or music education software, we have what you need.


We present everything from harmonicas (including blues harmonicas and chromatic harmonicas) and reeds (saxophone reeds and clarinet reeds) to clarinets and beginner acoustic kids guitars. Come to us for snare drums and drum sticks, as well as full drum sets and other percussion instruments. You’ll find flutes and flute cleaning kits, guitar tuners and guitar stands, and of course sheet music stands.


We offer a variety of kids guitars and music education software, plus wireless microphone transmitters, many high quality band instruments and guitar accessories, and so much more!

More than anything, at Creative Kid Music we offer you both great products and our great love of music. We want to be your one-stop shop for kids musical instruments and to offer you the peace of mind that you will always get the most superior products at the best deals. We dont believe that enjoying music, learning an instrument, and fostering the love of that instrument are luxuries to be afforded. At Creative Kid Music we believe that music and playing an instrument should be freely enjoyed by all who choose to do so. And so we make sure that our products from cheap guitars to affordable cellos represent this philosophy.


And while the quality and prices of our product line is certainly important, we always want to be your resource for information; to assist you in finding the instrument on which you have set your sights be it a percussion instrument or a bass guitar. Introducing an instrument to a child should be fun, it should be affordable, and it should open a whole new world of possibilities. We take our role in helping you in this journey very seriously.


When it comes to great musical instruments and music products, we are your experts. Take a look around our site and find the quality music products that best suit your style and needs. Browse through our quality musical instruments and click on any picture to find more information. We look forward to serving you!


“If you don’t sing, you have no chance of singing it right. Unknown music is to the mind as air is to the body.” – Plato

Our Goal is to inspire kids to love and create music! Dismiss